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Abstract Painting



Committed, enthusiastic, and responsible professional seeking an opportunity in the social work field. Brings ability to solve problems utilizing diverse abilit...

Damaris Santos


Azul DelGrasso, a public health and psychedelic historian and expert, has for the last 26 years, has worked in the public health and the arts. As a TRANSPERSON...

Azul DelGrasso



Samantha Hutchinson-Ouranos is a Mexican-American, full-time mother and artist and Illustrator from Monterrey Mexico.

Her art is a reflection of her beliefs, s...



Welcome to my profile! My life couldn't be put into words so I decided to paint different parts of my story. Escaping reality taking a risk and delving into my ...

Shantel Lucero


Shantel Lucero

I love color! The majority of my artwork is vibrant and emotional with color. I use acrylic in all my pieces and many times add modeling paste for texture. I al...



Many of my works were painted from photographs that I made during my two years in Honduras as a Peace Corps volunteer. The faces of my kind neighbors and friend...

Colleen Hennessy


I wander the backroads and towns of America searching for abandoned and forgotten places. I especially love to capture images of remaining mom and pop tourist...

Bob Merco




List of CHAC Artists

Jackie  Acosta

Jay  Alire

Tony  Ankele

Paula  Arroyo

Linda  Arroyo Holmstrom

Renee   Babkiewich

Roxane  Baca

SA  Bennett

Stacie  Berumen

Cecilia  Broder

Amber  Brooks

Lyndy  Bush

Rosario  C de Baca

Jennifer  Cabanaw

Sophia  Calderon

Mario Rodarte  Campos

Alfredo  Cardenas

John  Carlos

Lacey  Carman

Carmelita  Cervantes

Nadene  Chavez

Rosa  Chavez

Jennifer  Cherry

Shannon  Coffey

M Colleen  Corrigan

Meggan  De Anza

Azul  DelGrasso

Tony  Diego

Cal  Duran

Chris  Duran

Teresa May  Duran

Carlotta  Espinoza

Ben  Fedak

Anna  Feneis

Diego  Florez-Arroyo

Lili  Floyd

Lynn & Carlos  Fresquez

Vanessa  Fresquez

Loretta  Galla

Erin  Gallegos

Adrienne  Garbini

Anthony  Garcia

Belinda  Garcia

Rudy  Garcia

Karen  Gonzales

Shealene (Shay)  Guerrero

Beto  Gutierrez

Colleen  Hennessy

Mary  Hernandez

Tayg  Hill

Christopher  Hoppe

Rene  Hugo Arceo

Sam (Sammiotzi)  Hutchinson-

Jay  Jaramillo

Jerry  Jaramillo

Carlos  Jimenez

Joseph  Jimenez

Alicia  Johansson

Ernie  Jones

Fred  Jurado

Ricardo  La Fore

Anthony  Lacomb

Mickey  LaFave

Alexi “Lex”  Langston

FIrst Name  Last Name

Geraldina  Lawson

Karma  Leigh

Helen  Littlejohn

Cindy  Loya

Arlette and Stevon  Lucero

Shantel  Lucero

Erick  Luna

Juan M.  Luna

Nicole  Luna

Sheila  MacDonald

Tania (they/she)  Maldonado

Mariposa  Marangia

Rielly  Marquez

Theresa   Marten

Ambra  Martinez

Daniel  Martinez

Dolores  Martinez

Joe N.  Martinez

Lucha  Martinez de Luna

Candy  Mayer

Bob  Mercogliano

Judy  Miranda

Juanita  Molinar

Tania  Montes

Amelia  Morris

Georgia  Mucilli

Ruth  Napoly

Michael  Ornelas

Analisa  Ortiz

Natalie  Pacheco

Joan  Padilla

Esmeralda  Patino

Bonnie  Perez

Sheila  Perez Kindle

Jerry  Rael

Angela  Ramirez

Micah (they/them)  Ramirez

Michael  Ramirez

Danielle   Ramos

Elizabeth  Ramos Torres

Hector  Razo Jr

Paul D.  Rich

Jonathan Paul  Romero

Janel  Rosales

Aysha  Roshan

Rebecca  Rozales

Cierra  Ruibal

Lucille  Ruibal Rivera

Sandea  Ruiz

Rebecca  Salinas

Jude  Sanchez

Raphael Maxime  Sanchez

Shawn  Sanchez

Carlos  Sandoval

Maria  Sands

Damaris  Santos

Debra  Scarpella

Michelle  Strasser

Alfonso  Suazo II

Leo  Tanguma

Leticia  Tanguma

Elena  Townsend

Maiya  Trujillo

Sharon  Trujillo

Daniel  Trujillo (Student)

Marie  Valencia

Mary Ann  Valeska

Nancy  Vallejo

Gloria  Vialpando

Toni  Vigil

Victoria (Vicky)  Walker

Amanda  Weaver

Janelle  Worthington

Rob and Tammy  Yancey

Xiaoge (Sherry)  Yu

Vanessa  Zamora

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