The Chicano Humanities & Arts Council (CHAC) is a consortium of artists, cultural workers, individuals, and organizations dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Chicano/Latino culture in the state of Colorado.

We Preserve and Promote:
  • Visual Arts - sculpture, painting, photography, and fold art.

  • Literature - poetry, prose, and drama.

  • Music - choral, vocal, instrumental, and composition/arrangement.

  • Dance - folk, ethnic, Avant Garde, classical, and traditional.

  • Humanities - History, sociology, philosophy, lexicon, and education.


Interested in becoming a member of CHAC? Fill out the application below and email to Brenda Gurule at brenda@chacgallery.org or print it and bring it by the gallery!

We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit!

All support comes from people like you!  We truly appreciate your help to keep CHAC's doors open to the community!


CHAC Gallery & Cultural Center was founded in 1978 by a group of visual and performing artists. The organization was established as a place where Chicano/Latino artists were provided with a venue to explore visual and performance art and promote and preserve the Chicano/Latino culture through the expression of the arts.

We are no longer at 222 Santa Fe Dr.  We had to close due to CoVid-19.  We are currently seeking a new Venue.  Please check back soon.

Gallery Hours

We are temporarily closed due to CoVid-19.  Please check back for new location and times we will be open.

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CHAC (ChicanoHumanities and Arts Council ) Gallery

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