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Alicia Cardenas Mentor Program

March 22, 1977 - December 27, 2021


This mentorship is in tribute to Alicia Cardenas, a Chicana artist from Denver, CO, who took her inspiration from tribal culture, the earth, and its mathematics. Her vision was to partner elders with emerging artists to explore how experiences of the past help nurture the future generation.

This is a valuable leadership experience where mentees get to explore their creative talents and social skills by working side by side with professional artists from a variety of backgrounds and artistic mediums.

In addition, our mentees also receive special benefits, including credits towards membership and classes at CHAC.

We are also happy to provide certification and recommendation letters for schools, special programs, and scholarship foundations.

Applicants will be paired with a professional creative, who is a member of CHAC, for a minimum of 4 hours up to 16 hours of instruction time. Each mentee will receive $25 per hour and will be required to write a 500-word essay at the end of the mentorship. The mentee and mentoring artist must work together to schedule meeting hours. Your application does not guarantee placement.

  • 18-25 years of age
  • Students currently enrolled in a college or university (graduating seniors, graduate students, and international students are welcome),
  • Recent GED, high school or university graduates (1–3 years post-completion),
  • Emerging artists with less than 5 years of experience in their field
Please send following email (s) with:
  • Sample of your work
  • Letter of recommendation (from a non-family member)
  • Personal statement-what makes you passionate about art?​
    • Applicants Artistic Area of Interest (mark all that apply)
      ___Mural ___Music ___Printmaking ___Theatre ___Photography ___Sculpture ___Jewelry
      ___Drawing ___Painting ___Other

    • Relevant Classes/Experience/ Projects:

    • Clubs, hobbies, and interests:

    • Previous experience:

Please submit and complete application below or by PDF to or mail the application package to - CHAC PO Box 140847, Edgewater CO 80214
Applications will be reviewed in the order they were received

Notification of acceptance within 30 days of receiving

Mentorship Application

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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Thanks for submitting! Applications will be reviewed in the order they were received Notification of acceptance within 30 days of receiving

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