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Casitas Open cafe
Casitas Open cafe

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artelexia cascarones
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Other CHAC Classes and Workshops:

Cascarones - Any Age

Cascarones are hollowed out chicken eggs filled with confetti, ribbon and small toys traditionally used to celebrate Easter. Instead of Easter egg hunts, Mexican communities have cascarone fights. Parks, backyards and blacktops become battlegrounds, where the goal is to throw or smash the eggs on the heads of as many people as possible. Tradition says having a cascaron smashed on ones head brings good fortune.

Water Color Corazon - Kinder- 3rd

Corazon is the Spanish word for heart. The Sacred Heart is often depicted in Christian art as a flaming heart shining with divine light, pierced by the lance-wound, encircled by the crown of thorns, surmounted by a cross, and bleeding. Of course paintings of Corazons can be regular valentine hearts to express the love the participant has for the person they are creating the Corazon for.


Casitas - 2 hour Adult Class $35.00 each participant

Casitas is Spanish for little houses.This is a Crafty Chicana project. Loud and colorful they are created the way we like our crafts to be. Casitas and shrines are created with the feel of Mexican Folk Arts with a Chicano(a) twist.The project starts with a little wooden casa, painted and collaged then adorned with many crafty items.  Embellishments for the Casitas include pictures, glitter, glass globes, beads, rhinestones, ribbons, flowers, a variety of trinkets and personal items. The participant uses as much or as little as their hearts desire to make each little house special in their own way.



Southwestern Wall Pocket Planters  4th -Adult  2 Days



Recalling the beauty of desert landscapes, Southwestern decor is warm and full of energy with a hint of rugged appeal. This style evokes a sense of place with its unique geometric patterns, artisan-made pottery, and rough-yet-cozy aesthetic. Using rich colors, such as turquoise and terracotta, bright sunny yellows, reds and greens for the pallet. Common Motifs can include the cactus, flowers, Native American patterns, Mexican lore and Chicano(a) symbols. The Wall pockets can also be made into Decortive Wall Corazons.

Fiesta Maracas - Kinder - 2nd grade

Maracas are one of the most recognizable of the percussion instruments, a pair of rattles made from gourds or other materials. Maracas are essential to Latin and South American orchestras and bands.  They are usually oval or egg-shaped with a handle. The family of musical instruments is divided into groups depending on how sound is produced. Solid or sealed objects that have full, distinctive sounds are classified as "idiophones." Maracas are part of a further subgroup of instruments that are shaken rather than struck. Idiophones that are struck include cymbals, castanets, and the xylophone.

Our craft is made with plastic spoons and plastic eggs filled with beans, beads and rice.  Kids will dance with their Maracas.

Embossed Mexican Tin Art - 3rd - Adult

One of the least known, most versatile, and most beautiful expressions of Mexican folk art is hojalata (tin artwork), also known in some parts of Mexico as, lamina or lata. Since the 1500's, this humble metal has been made more pleasing by being shaped, stamped, punched, painted and cut into a wide variety of decorative and functional artwork.

Mexican tin art is created with a sense of humor and imagination. Many people in Mexico have tin art displayed in their homes, while other places such as cathedrals have symbolic religious tin ware displayed.

Our craft is made with thick aluminum and is embossed with wooden tools, painted and embellished. 

Ojos de Dios - 1st - Adult

A God's Eye (in Spanish, Ojo de Dios) is a spiritual and votive object made by weaving a design out of yarn upon a wooden cross. Often several colors are used. They are commonly found in Mexican and Mexican American communities, among both Indigenous and Catholic peoples.  The spiritual eye of the Ojos de Dios is thought by some believers to have the power to see and understand things unknown to the physical eye. 

Our craft can be easy for young children as well as complex for older teens and adults.

Due to CoVid-19 All in house workshops are cancelled

Contact Arlette Lucero educator@chacgallery.org

or call CHAC 720-662-4822 during business hours.

Please include:

  • Name, email and phone number of Contact Person

  • Name and address of School, Business or Organization 

  • Number of participants

  • Age or grade of participants

  • Date requested for workshop

  • Location of workshop (CHAC or School,etc)

  • What workshop are you interested in

These Workshops are $10.00 per participant if at CHAC which includes tour and materials unless otherwise noted.  We also charge $35.00 more if the workshop is at your location.  Workshops are 1hr.

Other workshops are available.  Please contact Arlette Lucero for more information.  Please check back for updates.

Fall Workshops:

Chicos Nichos    2nd-Adult

Retablos     2nd-Adult

Festival of Bones - Catrina    2nd-5th

Sugar Skulls    Kinder-5th

Papel Picados and Flores    Kinder-5th

Mayan Weaving    2nd-Adult

Native American Bead Work    Kinder-8th

Alebrijes    2nd-Adult

We Preserve and Promote:
  • Visual Arts - sculpture, painting, photography, and fold art.

  • Literature - poetry, prose, and drama.

  • Music - choral, vocal, instrumental, and composition/arrangement.

  • Dance - folk, ethnic, Avant Garde, classical, and traditional.

  • Humanities - History, sociology, philosophy, lexicon, and education.