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Denver Moses “Sonny” Valdez established his artistic roots over the course of 25+ years working as a custom automotive painter.  With brushed metal as his canvas, automotive paint as his medium and imagination seeding his artistic dreams, Sonny Valdez is creating contemporary abstract works of art that are hard to restrict to a certain genre.


Valdez works on pieces of brushed metal etching unique patterns onto them with grinding tools and finishing them with "candy coated" shades of automotive paint. Although metal is used as his primary canvas and occasionally wood now, he is also using Acrylic Plexiglas and always experimenting with anything else that comes to mind. 
He often anticipates a color or combination of color patterns in his head and starts a piece with this in mind. 


Sonny has now created an entire new genre of ultramodern, sleek, wall art. Because his work is so unique and “one of a kind”, it is different to categorize his style, though Sonny refers to it as ‘Contemporary Abstract Art’. He also creates custom designs to match any décor, design or space. Sonny is looking forward to reaching out to expand his connections and to share his work! 


For more information please email Sonny Valdez  at



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