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Hello World! My name is Jay Michael Jaramillo, I have been an artist all my life; learning from my father, Jerry Jaramillo who is a renowned artist, sculptor & jeweler. I was always encouraged to follow my passion in life and I can proudly say I have been living the dream as an artist as long as I can remember.  I explored numerous styles of painting to create my own unique style which includes: traditional portrait painting, cubism, surrealism and street art to reflect my contemporaries. I receive most of my inspiration from the beauty of life in all shapes and forms while also seeking to display the cosmic energies on Earth and in the cosmos.

Jay Michael Jaramillo’s contact information: 720-620-6203 @JayMichaelJ (Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat & TikTok).


You can view a video of both Jay Michael Jaramillo & Jerry Jaramillo painting the mural, “The Root of Community; The Soul of Humanity” in Molina Speaks’ Music Video “Steal Some Time”

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