Jay Michael Jaramillo was born in Denver, CO where he has been immersed in art his entire life and raised to be a creative person in both the visual and performing art realm by his father, Jerry Jaramillo; who is a co-founder of Chicano Humanities Arts Council.  For 5 years, Jay was the President & Treasurer of MSU Denver’s cultural arts program, Journey Through Our Heritage until he graduated from MSU Denver with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Minor from the School of Business.


One word to describe Jay Michael Jaramillo is “ARTrepreneur”; an artist who understands business and takes advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities.  Jay learned to paint murals by restoring his father’s (Jerry Jaramillo’s) iconic murals since 2005; since 2013, Jay has been commissioned by: Denver Arts & Venues, Denver Art Museum, City of Thornton, Adams 14 School District and Adams 12 5-Star School District to create public art of his own to beautify and cultivate communities across the Denver Metropolitan Area.  Jay is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree with the University of Colorado at Denver in Public Administration with the goal to create opportunities for local artists to fulfill Jay’s mission to promote and preserve arts and culture for all to enjoy. 

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