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Cal Duran is a Queer, Two Spirit, indigenous, Native, Mixed blood. Latinx, Manito, Mestizo, Chicanx, Indian Artist, and Educator from Colorado. Art has been a portal to channel his indigenous ancestors, where he slips under an emotional spinning vortex of creation. The makers of his blood flow through him. He channels the artisans, craft-makers, mud-dwellers, star-makers, dream-weavers and earth-brothers and sisters — the ones who paved the way. He has roots that
bridge India, Mexico and the natives of this land. He finds himself exploring parallels between his hybrid identities found in myth ums & gallery in Denver metro area and beyond . He continues to honor his ancestors and recently created a
room at the New Meow Wolf Denver, honoring the indigenous tribes of Colorado and the Americas . He understands the importance of land acknowledgment honoring all the Earth tribes across the globe and the indigenous linages down his
blood line . Growing up separated from his culture, his mom adopted and father not in his life he grew up trying to figure out his cultural roots. Art was where he could connect and find his heritage through the imagination he began to listen to

his ancestors and has been guided to create altars as beacons of light for the ones beyond this realm.

He is a youth educator and understands how important art is for our next generation to create safe spaces and help children find their voice through creativity. He currently is working on installations for Colorado History Museum,
Denver Art Museum, and Denver Botanic gardens. He is honored to spread the seeds of knowledge and the power of Ancestors, Altars and remembering where we come from. He gives gratitude and love to everyone working hard to create a world full of love, joy and creativity.

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