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Artist Bio

Arlette Lucero earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the Colorado State University in Fort Collins and completed two years of graphic arts through the Community College of Denver. She has taught art education for over fifteen years in Colorado and is an active volunteer and current member at the Chicano Humanities and Arts Council of Denver. Lucero also has over 30 years of experience as a fine artist, professional graphic artist, children’s book illustrator, and Chicana craftanista. Arlette has been involved with a number of local nonprofits as a Mentor Teacher Artist, bringing her into many schools, libraries and recreational facilities. These include ArtReach, ArtsStreet, Colorado Folk Arts, Journey Through Our Heritage, Kidzart, Museo de las Americas, Mizel Center for Arts and Culture, Mizel Museum, Voz y Corazon, as well as a variety of local neighborhood organizations.  She was also an Art Teacher at Escuela de Guadalupe, Escuela Tlatelolco, and Compass Academy.


Artist Statement

My paintings and sculptures are visual poetic expressions of emotions, feelings and desires.  Using a combination of realism, symbolism and crisp bright colors, I try to capture the sensual mystery of the concept.  My pieces are illustrations of stories, poems, and personal obsessions.  I love finding myself knee-deep in paint, art supplies and materials, listening to the laughter of many children as we go about our business of changing abstract mind imagination into something tangible.

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