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Garcia listened to Alabados as a child, the lyrics and genre had always piqued his interest; a focus ultimately responsible for his lifelong study of the genre and is author of the historic website.


The Portal of Light, ( has won numerous awards including USA Book Gold awards in the classification of History and Religion categories.  The book is a finalist for the New Mexico Book Association for the Religion category.  The book is a historical non-fiction of the cryptic journey of the Judaic community of New Mexico and Southern Colorado. The website for this book receives over 2,000 new hits from curious buyers each month.


Released in the fall of 2016 is the completion of the  2nd novel, Sacred Lives, Twin Sun.  A companion book of the Portal of Light,  that brings the story to the now of today.  This entry a spiritual mystery of the Ladino influenced directive into the modern world.  This novel winning awards  including USA Book Silver awards in the classification within the Religion categories.


The Colorado History Museum carries both The Portal of Light and Shared Lives, Twin Sun as part of their permanent collection library.


Garcia is currently working on a non-fiction write connection of the history of cryptic Jews from the Portal of Light insight to the Dead Sea Scroll discoveries in Judea written by the Essene community written prior to the first century BC.


The novel “Waltili, the Native American Slave Heroine”, was completed in the late fall of 2017 and is carried by both Barnes and Noble and the Tattered Cover book stores.


In 2019, the fictional Word Decoder will be released. A young adult novel will surely inspire those seeking knowledge of the breaking point of Comanche existence and European survival in the American Southwest.

You may contact Anthony at the following:


Phone: 720-849-0186

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