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Please meet Kacy Jonez. She loves to make all kinds of art. Being raised on a farm deep in east Texas taught her to be resourceful at a very young age. She doesn't mind a challenge or hard work, Kacy thinks they both build character and keep you honest. There's not a tool she's hesitant to utilize, her passion to learn and create pushes her beyond comfort zones and time zones. 

Kacy makes treasures from things she finds with recycled materials that she won't let die into useful pieces and/or works of art. She also enjoys screen printing, making zines, murals, collages, sculptures, wheat-pasting, plant related structures, dinner, woodworking, painting and is now learning to tattoo. She hopes to keep that spark alive- in herself and in her work- and make it shine as much as possible.

Kacy works closely with her mentor, family and community to continue making art in many soul nursing ways. She's so grateful and excited to expand herself and become a part of this community; she can't wait to see the beauty we can make together, and how bright our spark can glow. Kacy believes that there is no end to the beauty we can create

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