Ted  grew up  in Freeman, WV  during the 50-60’s enlisted in the U.S  Air Force in  1967 assigned duties  as base photographer laboratory technician , upon discharged was employed by the City of Lakewood , CO for ten years as Crime Scene  and Public Relation photographer ; Regional Photographer eight years  for U.S Bureau Of Reclamation n , Lakewood, CO ; Dept. of the Army  Central Region Visual Information  Officer (Medical Photography, Medical and Graphic Art,  Motion Picture and  Videography , Telemedicine and Video teleconferencing  Consultant eighteen years and  twenty years Freelance  photography in retirement. “Shades of Black and White all the very essence which my world is made. In this, the original photographic medium, I find honesty simplicity and permanence. As a photographer I strive to be different; to see beyond the immediate image. Nothing brings me more satisfaction then the realization that my work is unique among that of other photographers. Though subject I choose; woman, nature and still life a well-worn. I hope always to bring them new perspective, description, and style... to the spectator, I hope to bring the same warm rapport with subjects which I was privileged to experience in the moment of the shutters click”.

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