Photography has always been a love of mine. I studied journalism at CSU in the late 70’s. I dropped out of school and traveled and worked in forestry and construction before returning 13 years later to finish my degree.  After graduation I worked as a photojournalist shooting news stories, documentaries and covering everything from politics to professional sports.


I am still dedicated to learning my craft and serious about telling a good story. I am grateful to the many mentors that I have had throughout my career. I continue to encourage students and pass on that spirit of sharing.


Early on I adopted the mantra: “I am the camera.” This mantra has helped me tell stories, using my mind’s eye to see.  Always trusting my instincts to capture images with feeling and purpose.  When you learn the fundamentals of a craft you can then begin to trust your instincts and start to do really good work. Sometimes you can even capture magic moments. Those surprises are why I never tire of picking up my camera and getting out to explore the world.

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