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JHER 451

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JHER 451.jpg
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Jher 451 has played a significant role in the underground art scene in Denver since the early 90’s. His work has been featured in many magazines and several books over the years, and has been noted as a significant influence by many artists in the street art scene. His artwork varies by medium, specializing in murals, body painting, tattooing, lowbrow and fine art, even music production. He started tattooing in 1999 and has also been hailed as one of Denver’s best tattooers as well. Jher 451 is an owner of Landmark Tattoo in Capitol Hill, which opened in 2011. He has continually been involved in countless local group shows and national shows, several solo exhibitions; National and International tattoo conventions, countless live painting performances, many cultural events, charities, fundraisers, benefits, and even youth art programs

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