Christopher Duran is a self-taught artist, foster parent, and certified electrician.  His love for art began as a teenager painting street art including graffiti and murals.  Today he uses his talents to paint portraits of people, wildlife, pets, automobiles, and scenery.  Additionally, Chris enjoys painting portraits for NFL, NBA, and NHL players. Furthermore, Chis has had the honor of donating his portraits to the “Safe House” to help raise funds for the battered women’s shelter, as well as, the Chris Harris Jr. Foundations auction, in May of 2017, to help raise monies for The Denver Broncos Player’s Foundation. In January 2018, his artwork was selected for Loveland Colorado’s Valentine’s card design. Chris is also an active member of CHAC art Gallery in Denver.


Christopher is always on the go, but he always manages to make his family his priority.  He enjoys spending time with his wife whom he has been with for 27 years, and his foster kids, 2 of which he has adopted and are his pride and joy.


Christopher is motivated by his ability as an artist to inspirer other people to be creative and to realize art has no limits.